The Best Open Source Program for Screen Sharing Between Your Android Device and PC (SCRCPY)

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If we want to share our mobile screen with our computer, we have several options including SCRCPY.

SCRCPY is an open-source program that you can download from GitHub, helping you share your Android device screen with your PC.

I love this program because it offers the following:

  • It allows turning off the device screen while in use.
  • It operates between 30 to 120fps depending on the device’s power.
  • Quality from 1920 x 1080.
  • Low latency between 35 to 65ms.
  • It boots up and is running in 1 second.
  • It’s free, ad-free, and open-source.
  • It allows sharing audio.
  • You can control the screen from keyboard and mouse.

Seems amazing, right?

Let me show you how to use it:

Once downloaded:

  • Unzip it inside C:/
  • Connect the device with USB debugging enabled.
  • Click on scrpy-console.bat

It will open, and if we have USB debugging and connected device, it will work properly.

If we want to hide the screen, we’ll have to edit scrcpy-console.bat, also I recommend creating a shortcut to this file.

@echo off
scrcpy.exe --pause-on-exit=if-error --prefer-text --turn-screen-off --stay-awake %*

We can also connect wirelessly, for that we’ll put:

scrcpy.exe --pause-on-exit=if-error --prefer-text --turn-screen-off --stay-awake %* --tcpip=

*Instead of we’ll put the IP of our device. Port 5555 is default, you should put the one your device has in Wireless Debugging.

If we want to connect by network we must activate Wireless Debugging:

  • Developer options > Wireless Debugging:
  • We activate it and check the assigned IP with the generated port:

If we want to use the wireless connection, it will no longer allow us to connect by cable. We’ll have to deactivate the added flag if we want to use the cable again, deleting: --tcpip=

To allow us to perform actions on the screen, we have to activate the option USB Debugging (Security Settings)

EXTRA: Script that allows choosing USB or wireless connection at the same time.

To apply this script, you must replace your scrcpy-console.bat (make a backup copy of this file first) with the following:

@echo off
chcp 65001 > nul

set "ip=YOUR_IP"
set "port=PORT"

echo Do you want to connect wirelessly? (y/N):
set /p response=

if /i "%response%"=="y" (
    scrcpy.exe --pause-on-exit=if-error --prefer-text --turn-screen-off --stay-awake %* --tcpip=%ip%:%port%
) else (
    scrcpy.exe --pause-on-exit=if-error --prefer-text --turn-screen-off --stay-awake %* -d

You must change ip=YOUR_IP to your device’s IP and port=PORT.

It will ask if you want to connect wirelessly, allowing you to choose.

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